CQFriends s’acomiada


Després de dos anys, el projecte no és viable. Aquest és el missatge de comiat dels seus promotors:

Dear CQfriend.

After more than two years it is no longer possible to go on with this great community CQfriends.
Our busy schedule at work doesn’t give us any spare time to work on this page.
When we started we count on the spare time but for the last year we start to work for another company and we are working about 60 to 80 hours a week.
We also have family and children. We had so many plans, ideas and features but no time to develop?…
For us it started with so much fun because radio is my life, it is my number one hobby !!
That’s why it is so hard to see that we cannot answer questions on time, no developing but above all NO more fun !
I know, that you out there as Radio friends, understand the position we are in now.
>From the first of 2014 we pull the plug…
If there are serious old men out there that wants to go on… We like to listen to good ideas…
For now DEAR FRIENDS , januari the 1st CQfriends will be no longer on air…
Thanks for the last two great years online and the fun we had in the messagebox a lot of you with always kind words and positive ideas… 😉
Behalf of Anton the Team of amateurs that helped us and myself Jo.

73 and we meet on air someday…

Anton and Jo PA9JO.

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